Dental Cleaning and Care For Healthy Teeth

Brush With Elmo

Persuading children to brush their teeth thoroughly twice a day can be challenging. Since many kids would prefer not to brush at all, it is vital to teach youngsters at an early age just how important oral health is. One of the best ways to encourage good habits is to make teeth cleaning fun. Elmo and friends from Sesame St are here to make teeth cleaning fun with Elmo’s Brushy Brush your teeth song and Ready Set Brush pop up book.

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The Complete Teeth Cleaning System

By following a simple five step daily routine it is possible to repair and strengthen the teeth for a lifetime of dental health.
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Are you a victim of toxic dentistry?

Most people make an effort to avoid tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath but are unaware that common, everyday dental procedures are putting their health at risk.
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Healthy Mouth: Healthy Body

The health of your mouth can have a dramatic effect on you both physically and mentally. A healthy glowing smile will do wonders for your confidence and self esteem. It is also true that oral issues such as gum disease, cavitations, uncomfortable bite, inappropriate dental materials, root canals and amalgam fillings can have serious effects on your health.

Is it time for a new toothbrush?

Using a toothbrush is the only effective way to clean teeth. If you still use a manual tooth brush and your cleaning technique is not as good as it might be then upgrading to a quality electric toothbrush could drastically improve your dental health.

Xylitol: Sugar for Healthy Teeth.

Xylitol is a tooth friendly sugar that can remove cavity forming bacteria from the mouth.Unlike normal sugar, Xylitol does not increase the acidity of  the saliva and energize harmful bacteria. Eating Xylitol regularly after meals and throughout the day will gradually reduce the accumulation of plaque and allow the teeth to remineralise naturally.

Oil Pulling: The Mouth Detox.

The health of a persons mouth is often reflected in the health of their body.  Everybody knows the importance of tooth brushing and flossing for maintaining oral health but relatively few people are familiar with oil pulling. Cleansing the mouth with organic oil has long been known to have a strong detoxifying effect and remarkable healing powers.

Best Toothpaste.

Picking a toothpaste can be confusing, there are so many different types to choose from. But does the type of toothpaste you use really matter? Do you even need toothpaste at all?

Super Charge Your Flossing.

The most difficult area in the mouth to keep clean is between the teeth. Flossing alone can’t clean the inter-dental spaces and the gum pockets sufficiently to remove trapped food particles and the build up of bacteria and plaque. Investing in a quality water flosser can really boost the level of dental health and oral freshness.

Dental Care Hacks.

Use Vitamin C

Take vitamin C supplements before and after a scheduled visit to the dentist. A professional teeth cleaning session will release large amounts of bacteria into the blood stream putting strain on your immune system.  Vitamin C aids the body’s natural defenses.

Use a Straw

Fizzy soda drinks are bad for teeth but sipping them with a straw will reduce the contact with the teeth and limit damage.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can rid the mouth of up to 100 million harmful bacteria in just 10 minutes. The gum’s adhesive properties trap bacteria and reduce bio film on the teeth.

Eat Xylitol

Harmful bacterial thrive in acidic conditions and feed off of sugar and carbs. Eating Xylitol sweets, gum and sugars starve bacteria of their vital fuel and eventually weaken and kill them completely.

Clean Your Tongue

The tongue needs to be cleaned just as much as the teeth. The tongue surface is perfect for collecting nasty germs and trapping random food particles. Cleaning your tongue will freshen up your breath and improve your sense of taste.

Sterilise Toothbush 

The bristles of a toothbrush are perfect for catching dirt and germs. Always disinfect your brush before using it by dipping it in Listerine and then rinsing under the tap.

Revolutionizing Flossing!

Aimed at people who understand the need to floss but just plain hate doing it. The Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro can floss the whole mouth in under a minute with no mess or fuss. Unlike other oral irrigators, the AirFloss does not use a constant flow of water, instead it uses micro bursts of air and water fired through the specially designed nozzle. Cleaning thoroughly between the teeth is a vital part of dental care and the AirFoss is probably easiest way to get the job done.

Picture of a Philips Sonicare AirFloss

Waterpik Aquarius Designer Series

An Electric power water flosser is the easiest way to healthier teeth and gums. Clinical tests have proven that power flossing can be up to twice as effective as conventional dental floss. Waterpik have firmly established themselves as the best known electric flosser brand on the market, and with good reason. The latest addition to their line up is the stylish Waterpik Aquarius designer series. This collection of flossers come in four different satin finished colors and are packed with practical features and functions.

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