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SLS free toothpaste v Regular Toothpaste

What is SLS free toothpaste? Recent years has seen a dramatic increase in online searches for SLS free toothpaste due to much media focus on the potential health hazards of sodium lauryl sulfate. In an effort to give consumers an alternative to regular toothpaste, some manufacturers produce and market milder forms of toothpaste that don’t contain SLS. Examples of recommended SLS free toothpaste include – Green People Dr Bronner’s Squigle Jason Verve Ultra Jack N’ Jill Xyliwhite What is sodium lauryl sulfate and is it really harmful? Sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS for short, is a chemical compound prepared...

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Best Toothpaste

Finding the Best Toothpaste for you. Toothpastes are possibly the most complicated health products on the market, they typically comprise of a mixture of active ingredients, abrasives, detergents, flavorings and coloring additives.The general public spend billions on these toothpaste each year. From cheap budget brands to specialist toothpastes in designer flavors there is a confusing amount of choice available. There are toothpastes for cavity prevention, sensitive teeth, gum disease, stained teeth and bad breath all of which come in different flavors and textures. But does it actually make any difference what toothpaste you use? Many dentists say no, most...

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