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Waterpik Benefits

Waterpik Benefits Why a Waterpik is a great alternative to dental floss. Do we really need to floss? Dentists and doctors agree that daily flossing is vital for maintaining good oral health. The fact is, brushing teeth alone only cleans 60% of the teeth surface area so it is really important to clean the other 40% where the toothbrush bristles can’t reach. Failing to floss can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Recent research is now linking gum disease to serious conditions like heart disease, strokes, diabetes, respiratory disease and cancer. The conventual method of flossing is to...

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What is a Waterpik?

What Is A Waterpik? A Waterpik is a home electric dental flossing device that uses pulsing pressurized water streams to remove plaque and residue stuck between teeth. Waterpik power flossers are designed to be a convenient and effective alternative to using conventional string dental floss. Although there are a number of different designs and styles of Waterpik, they all basically work the same way. A motor pumps water from a fluid reservoir and expels it from a specially designed cleaning tip. A Waterpik device is different from other water flossers that merely utilize pressure, as the pulsatile action is...

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Best WaterPik Water Flosser Reviews

Dental Hygiene Best Waterpik Water Flosser Reviews  Check pricing on all Waterpik Flossers United States United Kingdom What you need to know about water flossers. Even the most thorough teeth cleaning session will only clean about 60% of the teeth surface area. The best way to get a completely clean and fresh mouth is to floss every day before brushing. It is estimated that only 10% to 40% of Americans floss regularly and only 5% of the British population floss at all. Dentists and scientists often disagree on how effective flossing actually is but it is blatantly clear...

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Best Waterpik water flosser for braces

Best Waterpik for Braces Flossing every single day can be quite a challenge, but flossing regularly when you have braces can be even more of a chore. For anyone who wears braces and wants the  health benefits and peace of mind of flossing every day but doesn’t want the hassle, an electric power flosser like the Waterpik is a simple solution. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is an essential part of modern daily life. Apart from having a clean and fresh mouth, the health benefits are immense, and the consequences of not doing so can be potentially harmful. Without...

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