Toxic Dentistry

Even though they have been common practice for many years, some dental procedures can cause devastating damage to your health. Although some countries are slowly introducing legislation to protect and advise the public many people are simple not aware of the dangers involved. Unfortunately two of the most common dental procedures practiced are the most toxic – Amalgam fillings and Root canals.


Silver Amalgam Fillings

About 50% of an amalgam filling is elemental mercury, the other half is comprised of silver, tin, copper and zinc. Mercury is the most toxic (non-radioactive) natural element known to man. Elemental mercury is harmful when inhaled, the mercury vapor is absorbed by the lungs and then distributed in the blood to the rest of the body. Once in the body, mercury bombards the cells causing damaging to the vital proteins and enzymes that are designed to detox and protect the body. In addition, mercury is a powerful neurotoxin that damages or kills  brain and nerve cells.

Despite the continued assurance from governmental health departments that amalgam fillings are safe it has been proven beyond all doubt that the mercury vapor released by an amalgam filling when stimulated ( eating, drinking, cleaning teeth etc) is enough to cause serious health conditions.

Root Canals

The goal of a root canal treatment is to remove the pain and infection from a tooth without actually removing the tooth itself. The infected or inflamed  pulp is removed and inside the tooth is cleaned and sealed. After the procedure is finished the tooth looks and functions like a normal tooth but it is in fact completely dead.

The problem with root canal therapy is that it is impossible for a dentist to completely sterilize the tooth to eradicate all the harmful bacteria before sealing it up. Because the nerves and blood supply have been removed and the tooth is now dead the bodies immune system can no longer contact  and kill the remaining bacteria. The bacteria left inside the root canal tooth are deprived of oxygen causing them to excrete highly potent and damaging exotoxins that can leak from the tooth and spread through the body.

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