About Me

Dr. Lara T. Coseo, DDS, FAGD

Dr. Lara T. Coseo

Dr. Lara Coseo is a 2004 graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas.

Having practiced general dentistry for 13 years, Dr. Lara currently serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Texas A&M College of Dentistry.

 Dr. Lara is passionate about patient education and preventive dental care.


Dr. Lara is currently writing a series of comprehensive consumer guides on teeth whitening techniques, procedures and products.

Teeth Whitening

What is the best teeth whitening method?
In the first article in the series, Dr. Lara discusses all of the available teeth whitening options.
Teeth Whitening Pens
Considering the large number of over-the-counter teeth whitening options available, it is not surprising that consumers find it difficult to find products that meet their expectations. In this article, Dr. Lara takes a look at teeth whitening pens.
Which teeth whitening methods and products really work?
Dr. Lara talks through all the current teeth whitening options and highlights the ones that work and the ones that don’t.
Do Teeth Whitening Lights Work?
Dr. Lara reviews the research data to see if whitening lights really work.
How much does teeth whitening cost?
In this article, Dr. Lara compares the price of the available teeth whitening options.