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In this article we take a look at the ancient art of tongue cleaning, how it works, and some of the best tongue scrapers and cleaners available.


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What is tongue scraping?

Although tongue cleaning is not yet part of the daily routine for most people in western society, it has been recognized as an import cleaning ritual in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Jihwa Prakshalana is the ancient practice of scraping the tongue clean of food debris, dead cells, bacteria, and toxins. Ayurvedic medicine uses the appearance and health of the tongue to diagnose ailments and health disorders because the tongue was viewed as a mirror to the internal organs of the body. In Ayurvedic medicine, the health of the tongue is an indication of the health state of the whole body. Western research into the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicine is very limited, but recent studies are showing that scraping the tongue clean every day will considerably reduce the bacterial load in the mouth resulting in fresher breath and potentially better health.


What is a tongue scraper?

Tongue scrapers are specially designed oral health tools for cleaning the top surface of the tongue. They are usually manufactured from plastic, copper or stainless steel and are available in lots of different shapes and styles.  The most commonly used tongue scrapers are the two-handled U-shape cleaners and the single handled T-shaped cleaners. Alternatively, there are also cleaning brushes available that are designed specifically for cleaning the tongue surface.

Why is it important to clean your tongue?

We all know that daily teeth brushing and flossing sessions are vital for maintaining good oral health. However, many people are unaware that the majority of bacteria in the mouth is actually harbored on the tongue. The tongue accounts for 1/3 of the mouth surface area and there are about four times more bacteria on each tongue cell compared to any other cell in the mouth. The tongue is a complex organ that performs amazing tasks for us but it also happens to be a superb depository for collecting food debris and bacteria. The visible white coating on the tongue is the resulting layer of evil-smelling sulfur compounds excreted by populations of bacteria. Even a rigorous routine of teeth brushing, flossing, and water flossing will do little to reduce this carpet of bacteria on the tongue. So, if you really want to give your mouth a completely clean, it might be time to get yourself an effective tongue scraper or cleaner.

man with a healthy smile

Oral Health

Cleaning your tongue of bacteria, dead skin cells and food debris is an excellent way of improving your oral and general health. By decreasing the amount of bacteria on your tongue you can decrease your risk of cavities, gum disease and diseases that originate in the mouth.

Bad Breath

The bacteria that cause bad breath thrive and multiply in the cracks and spaces of the tongue surface. These colonies of bacteria feed off of the remnants of the food we consume and then excrete the foul smelling waste compounds that cause bad breath.

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4 Of The Best Tongue Scrapers

We picked out 4 of the best-selling options to compare them on effectiveness, comfort, quality, and cost. A good tongue cleaner should be able to loosen and remove as much of the debris off of the surface of the tongue without causing excessive gagging or discomfort. Check out the videos below to see all 4 in action.

Product Demos

Tung Brush

The Tung brush is designed to be used together with the Tung gel to give the tongue a complete clean. The gel is specially formulated for deep cleaning the tongue and neutralizing bad breath odor. The Tung cleaning system is popular with many people because the combination of the circular brush and the minty flavored gel give a pleasurable experience compared to other scrapers and cleaners.

Amano Tongue Cleanser

The Amano tongue cleanser is one of the most substantial and stylishly designed tongue cleaners. The U shaped cleaning blade is forged from high-grade chromium and nickel alloy making this a durable tongue cleaning device that will last for years. The cleaning blade is ergonomically designed to minimise the gag reflex as it is moved towards the back of the throat.


Orabrush is probably the best known of all tongue cleaners thanks to their entertaining You tube videos. The Orabrush has a dual cleaning mechanism that is designed to loosen the debris from the tongue surface and then remove it from the mouth with its built in scraper. The Orabrush is designed to be replaced every 3 months.

Dr. Tung’s tongue Scraper

With over a million units sold worldwide the Dr. Tung tongue scraper is another popular choice. This model uses a stainless steel cleaning blade to scrape away the soft deposits from the tongue surface. The U shaped construction is designed to be held by both hands give precise control of the blade as it is depressed onto the soft tissue of the tongue.

Tongue Scraper Reviews


DenTek’s Orabrush Tongue Cleaner designed like a toothbrush, but with a different head, has super soft bristles, requires no paste or gels to work, and combines both the brush and the scraper in one simple design head.

To use, you gently brush your tongue with the OraBrush, then place the plastic scraper at the back of your tongue and remove the residue generated by your brushing, before finally rinsing clean. Similar to a toothbrush, it requires replacing every three to four months.

woman holding an Orabrush tongue scraper

Verdict – Similarly, with DenTek’s OraBrush Tongue Cleaner which has the shape of a toothbrush, but featuring a very different type of head. The minute one makes contact with the bristles, you realize that using a toothbrush to clean your teeth is just not the right approach. Feeling like a soft nail brush gently gliding across your tongue, it collects the debris satisfactorily, judging by the deposits of gunk that was subsequently washed off under the running tap after use. Simple to use, clean, and store, it worked well; however, it will need replacing every few months, and it didn’t feel quite as effective at removing debris from the tongue as the metal scrapers. 4/5

Tongue Scraper Reviews


Peak Essential’s The Original Tung Brush is an American product, as indicated by the Star Spangled Banner and ‘Made in America’ emblazoned on its packaging. At first glance, it’s very similar in design to a standard toothbrush, with the main difference being its flat, circular head and bristle design. It’s intended to be used in conjunction with Peak Essential’s Original Tung Gel, which is a fresh mint gel which contains zinc. (The brush came packaged with a free sample of gel.)

To use, you apply the gel to the brush head, then gently brush forward from the base of your extended tongue to the tip for approximately ten seconds, then rinse clean. It recommends using every time you brush your teeth and replace at least every three months, whenever your toothbrush needs replacing.

woman cleaning tongue with a tung brush and gel

– As  The Original Tung Brush looks like a standard toothbrush, one immediately might feel that it may be another unnecessary addition to the bathroom, until one comes into contact with this design’s round, much softer bristle head. Comfortable on the surface of the tongue, the gel taste was pleasant enough and left a fresh aftertaste. Straightforward to use, if slightly more fuss than the Amano and Dr. Tung, it was still very effective, though will require replacing every few months. 4/5

Tongue Scraper Reviews


Amano was founded in London in 1992 and have been manufacturing high-quality tongue cleaners ever since. The Amano tongue cleansers are crafted in Italy and come in a very stylish and hygienic plastic storage case. With a curved cleaning blade made of high-grade chromium and nickel alloy, these tongue scrapers are easy to use and easy to keep clean. According to the manufacturers, it’s based on a 2000-year-old Roman design, which has now been given a 21st Century update. To use, you simply hold the handles in each hand, and place the metal head towards the back of your extended tongue, then draw it gently forward across the surface to the tip, rinse, and repeat if necessary.

It is recommended to use before bed and also after activities such as consuming rich food, smoking, and drinking alcohol. Designed to last for many years, its performance can be maintained by simply rinsing in hot water after use, and is even dishwasher safe.

image of an Amano tongue cleanser.

– The Amano Tongue Cleanser is by far the most aesthetically pleasing of all the tongue scrapers available. Undoubtedly the Italian craftsmanship is to thank for the range of colorful and artistic designs available. The storage case that comes with the cleaner is a welcome extra that will keep the tongue scraper free from the types of bacteria that usually populate bathroom spaces. According to Amano, the scraper blade is precision designed to stop you gagging as you slide it to the back of the tongue. Although it didn’t stop the gag reflex completely when I tested it, it did minimize it to an acceptable level and I found it reasonably pleasant to use. The two handles make it very easy to coordinate and apply the most comfortable pressure as it slides over the tongue surface. Perhaps, the metal scraper touching one’s tongue is not to everyone’s’ taste, but it is very easy to use and clean, will last a long time, and, most importantly, it is also very effective. 5/5

Tongue Scraper Reviews


Made of stainless steel, which is impervious to bacteria, and with (in this sample, blue) plastic handles to grip the device, either with one or two hands, Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner has curved cleaning edges to allow precise control and comfort. Just as many people prefer eating with silverware utensils rather than plastic, the same can apply to tongue cleaning. The cleaner resembles a pair of tongs, but in reverse, as it’s the curved end which is used to cleanse the tongue, and glides across it to remove bacteria. According to the packaging, dental experts say it is about 5 times more effective for tongue cleaning than a toothbrush.

It also comes equipped with an extremely handy and useful travel pouch. To use, you place the cleaner as far back on the tongue as is comfortable, then gently slide it forward and repeat three or four times. For best results it’s recommended to use twice daily, and is easy to keep clean; just rinse after use, and it will last for years.

image of a Dr tung's tongue scraper

– Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner, with its grip handles and stainless steel scraper, is similar in design to the Amano. Also, it’s travel pouch is a useful free accessory. Again, simple to use and maintain, whilst being very effective. The only reason for giving it less than the Amano, is the travel pouch felt less practical than the other’s plastic holder. 4.9/5

4 reasons to clean your tongue every day.

Prevents bad breath.

Over 80% of halitosis (bad breath) can be attributed to a build-up of bacteria, food debris, and dead cells on the tongue.

Reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Keeping bacteria in check with a regular cleaning routine goes a long way towards avoiding tooth decay and gum disease.

Improves tongue appearance.

Regular tongue cleanings can return the tongue to a healthy pink color.

Reduces the density of bacteria on the tongue.

The less harmful bacteria you have in your system the better. Large colonies of harmful bacteria can increase the chance of tooth decay and gum disease. It is also now known that oral bacteria can travel through the bloodstream and affect major organs and body function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions on buying, using and cleaning tongue scrapers and brushes.

Can I just use a toothbrush to clean my tongue?

Generally speaking, the bristles on a regular toothbrush are too soft to mechanically remove the layer of debris and bacteria from the tongue surface. Toothbrushes are designed to clean the smooth surfaces of enamel rather than the soft tissue of the tongue. In addition, a toothbrush is more likely to induce your natural gag reflex when you try to clean the rear third of your tongue. Cleaning your tongue with a dedicated tongue cleaner is usually a better option because they are ergonomically designed to remove the maximum amount of film without causing discomfort.

How long do tongue scrapers last?

The recommended lifespan of a tongue scraper depends on the brand. Plastic models like the Orabrush or Tung brush should be replaced every 3 months but metal bladed scrapers like the Amano tongue cleanser will last for many years.

Why not just use mouthwash instead of tongue cleaning to get rid of bad breath?

Although some mouthwashes can be useful, relying on them as a bad breath solution is not a good idea. Mouthwashes can be effective as a quick fix in an emergency because they can certainly neutralize foul-smelling odor, but unfortunately, they are usually just masking the problem rather than curing it. By using a tongue scraper, you can safely remove the root cause of bad breath by scraping away the layer of bacteria and food debris from the tongue surface.

How do I clean a tongue scraper?

After using a tongue cleaning device just rinse it under the tap and allow to air dry. To sanitize the scraper you can dip it in an antibacterial mouthwash. In addition, many tongue cleaners can safely be cleaned in a dishwasher.

If 90% of bad breath comes from the tongue, do we really need to brush our teeth?

Yes! Tongue cleaning should be part of your daily oral health routine but it does not replace the need to brush your teeth. It is vital to remove bacterial plaque from your teeth every day in order to avoid cavities and gum disease. It is recommended to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day.

 What should I do if cleaning my tongue makes me gag?

It is completely normal for the back of the throat to spasm when something like a tongue cleaner is moved towards the rear of the mouth. Having said that, if you use a specially designed scraper you should be able to clean your tongue without too much discomfort. If you are finding it difficult to clean your tongue without gagging, try slowing moving the scraper to the rear of the mouth and then cleaning with forwarding motions only.

 Is tongue scraping painful?

Cleaning your tongue should not be painful, if you find that your tongue feels tender or sore afterward, you may be applying too much pressure with your cleaning device. Try using gentler cleaning motions and only clean your tongue every second or third day until you get used to the process. If you continue to experience pain and sensitivity it is best to discontinue using a tongue scraper and seek advice from your dentist.

Tongue scraper guide
woman cleaning tongue with tung brush and gel
cleaning tongue with tung brush
picture of amano tongue cleanser

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  1. What an excellent and thorough review! Many thanks for recognising the superior effectiveness AND aesthetic attraction of our Italian AMANO tongue cleansers. This week (24 March 2017) The British Dental Journal described our all austenitic steel AMANO2107 “The Roman Emperor of tongue scrapers”! http://www.nature.com/bdj/journal/v222/n6/full/sj.bdj.2017.278.html

    • Thank you. We are big fans of your cleansers!

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