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Xylitol and Teeth

Xylitol and Teeth What is Xylitol?   Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that can be found in the fibres of many fruits, vegetables and trees. After processing, Xylitol looks and tastes almost exactly the same a regular table sugar but with 33% less calories and some beneficial side benefits. The healing properties of  xylitol was known to man long before scientific discovery and experimentation isolated the chemical from Birch trees. Native Americans were already aware of the healing properties of birch extracts and actively using them for medicinal purposes. Since then, science has approved its use for consumers...

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Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling What is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling originates from the traditional holistic Ayurveda medicine that dates back to ancient India 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda practitioners knew the importance of detoxing the body and discovered that cleansing the mouth with warm sesame oil had a positive effect on the health. The technique has been gaining popularity in recent years due to extensive media coverage with some A-list celebs adopting the practice. What are the benefits? The mouth is linked to general health and well being far more than most people realize. Poor oral health is known to cause and intensify...

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