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Teeth Anatomy

Knowing just a little bit about teeth anatomy can help you maintain good oral health. If you understand how the teeth are structured and what they are made of it is easier to appreciate how problems like tooth decay, sensitivity, gum disease, teeth staining and bad breath occur. Teeth Structure The human tooth is a complex structure that is made up of multiple layers of organic and inorganic matter. Organic tooth matter refers to the living parts of the teeth that consist of cells, fibers, proteins, and water. The inorganic matter is mainly composed of calcium salts and provides...

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How many teeth do humans have? Kids v adult teeth.

How many teeth do humans have? By: Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid BDS, MFDS RCSEd, Member of AACD Throughout our lives, we all have two separate sets of teeth, one set for our childhood and the other for our adult life. When we are babies we develop 20 baby teeth (also called primary teeth or deciduous teeth) which we keep until the ages of 5 or 6 years. After that, these baby teeth will gradually fall out and be replaced with 32 permanent adult teeth. How Many Baby Teeth Do Children Have? Children develop 20 teeth in total between the...

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