Waterpik WP-120 Ultra Flosser

Picture of Waterpik WP-120 Ultra Waterflosser

Colour: Blue / white.

Pressure: 10psi – 100psi.

Cleaning Tips:

Classic Jet Tip – Ideal for every day general use. This tip will get to the hard to reach places.
Pik Pocket Tip – The smaller pocket tip is ideal for getting into the periodontal pockets that can form between teeth. These pockets can collect bacteria that is extremely difficult to get rid of with regular floss. This tip will hit the area with pin-point accuracy to ensure that these tough spots get the cleaning they need.
Plaque Seeker Tip – The plaque seeker tip was carefully designed for individuals with implants, crowns, or bridges. Plaque can be particularly difficult to get rid of on these surfaces, the plaque seeker tip will help ensure that these special areas get properly cleaned.
Orthodontic Tip – If you or anyone in your family has braces you know just how difficult they can be to get clean. The orthodontic tip is designed to help those with braces.
Tongue Cleaner Tip – The tongue is one of the most neglected areas of the mouth but remembering to clean your tongue is not only healthy for your entire mouth but is great for your breath too.
Toothbrush Tip – When you need the extra cleaning that a regular brush just can’t do, use your toothbrush tip. Just like your normal toothbrush but better!


Waterpik WP-100 Water Flosser User Manual.


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The WP-120 is an update to the popular WP100 electric flosser. The ergonomic design, powerful cleaning settings and comprehensive selection of flossing tips make this an attractive choice for consumers looking to improve their oral health.
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Man using a Waterpik WP-120 Ultra in bathroom.
Waterpik wp120 Ultra cleaning gums
Waterpik 120 water flosser

Whats in the Box?

Included in pack:

1 x Waterpik wp-120 water flosser.

1 x Classic Jet Flossing Tip.

1 x Pik Pocket Flossing Tip.

1 x Plaque Seeker Flossing Tip.

1 x Orthodontic Flossing Tip.

1 x Tongue Cleaner Tip

1 x Toothbrush Tip.

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Picture of Waterpik WP - 120 Ultra in box.

Waterpik Electric Water flossing Replacement Heads

Waterpik replacement flossing cleaning heads Compatible with Waterpik WP-100, WP-120, WP-450.

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replacement Waterpik replacement cleaning head
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