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Nuskin AP24 Whitening Toothpaste Review


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Nuskin AP 24 toothpaste has become one of the most talked-about and controversial toothpastes of all time. But does it really live up to the hype? In this article, we review the product to find out more…

What is AP-24 Toothpaste?

AP-24 whitening fluoride toothpaste is a premium toothpaste created and distributed by Nuskin Enterprises. The toothpaste has a vanilla mint flavor and is available in 110g tubes from approved distributors and online retailers like Amazon.

Note – There are two different kinds of toothpaste in the AP 24 Oral Care System.

The difference being that the AP 24 Fluoride toothpaste does not contain the abrasive teeth whitening ingredients. Both kinds of toothpaste do contain the patented AP 24 formula that is designed to prevent staining.

Nuskin AP-24®

AP-24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

AP-24® Formula: Yes

Whitening: Yes

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS): Yes

Fluoride: Yes

Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA): 103

Peroxide: No

Nuskin AP-24®

AP-24 Fluoride Toothpaste

AP-24® Formula: Yes

Whitening: No

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS): Yes

Fluoride: Yes

Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA): 70-80

Peroxide: No

What ingredients in AP-24 Whiten teeth?

AP 24 Toothpaste contains active ingredients that are designed to remove and prevent extrinsic tooth surface discoloration (ETD). The teeth whitening benefits of AP 24 come from the combined effects of the patented AP-24® formula and a blend of abrasive ingredients.

The Nuskin AP-24® formula uses a mixture of Dimethicone and surfactants to bind to the teeth enamel and provide a protective coating that prevents the build up of plaque and stains. The immediate effect of AP-24® is that your teeth feel very smooth after brushing, Dimethicone is commonly used in luxury beauty products to smoothen skin and it has a similar effect on teeth. It should be noted that none of the ingredients in the patented AP-24® formula actually whiten teeth, they are only designed to prevent the build up of stains.  

In addition to the AP-24® ingredients, AP 24 whitening toothpaste has a secondary component that uses a mixtures of abrasives to help in the removal and prevention of external tooth discoloration (ETD).

Whitening toothpaste that contain abrasive polishing materials have been proven to be beneficial in reducing plaque levels and stain areas, but they should not be confused with peroxide-based whitening treatments. A whitening toothpaste like AP-24 will only remove surface stains where as a peroxide product will penetrate the teeth and actually change the color to a lighter shade of white.

Is AP-24 toothpaste FDA approved?

Nuskin AP24 products have not been approved by the FDA. Although consumers may feel more comfortable knowing that a product has been approved by a governing body like the FDA, an over-the-counter product like AP 24 toothpaste does not require approval provided the manufacturer (Nuskin) adheres to the FDA rules regarding the use of approved ingredients, the intended use of the ingredients and correct labeling.

does AP-24 remove enamel and damage teeth?

The main characteristic of a whitening toothpaste like AP 24 is that the formula will include abrasive ingredients to clean and polish the teeth. Research has shown that an abrasive toothpaste will be more effective at removing plaque and stains than a non-abrasive toothpaste. If the abrasive capacity of a toothpaste is too low, it will be less effective at removing plaque and stains. If it is overly abrasive there is a danger that the teeth might be damaged.

In order to regulate toothpaste safety, the American Dental Association helped to establish a standardized scale (Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA)) that starts at 0 and is open-ended. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has adopted this scale and has determined that any toothpaste with an RDA rating of less than 250 is considered safe for daily use.

AP24 Whitening toothpaste uses hydrated silica and aluminum hydroxide as abrasives and has an RDA value of 103 which is considered moderate by whitening toothpaste standards and so, in theory, should not cause any concern to consumers who have a good level of dental health.

Note – To establish if a toothpaste could possibly damage teeth, other factors like the stiffness of toothbrush bristles, the pressure applied to the toothbrush and frequency and duration of teeth cleaning sessions should also be taken into account. If in doubt, consult your dentist for advice.

In conclusion, if you have a good level of oral health, you don’t suffer from sensitive teeth, receding gums, advanced teeth erosion or any known allergy to the relevant ingredients, AP 24 can be considered safe to use regularly.

Is AP-24 Safe?

AP-24 Toothpaste is perfectly safe, however, a minority of people might experience mild skin reactions to some of the ingredients. It should be pointed out that this applies to many toothpastes, not just AP-24.

Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not easy and many whitening toothpastes use some fairly aggressive ingredients in an attempt to achieve the best possible results. There are reports of some of these ingredients causing adverse oral conditions like burning mouth syndrome, loss of taste, allergic contact stomatitis, and canker sores.

In addition to the primary ingredients, AP 24 contains a number of complementary and stabilizing substances. Two of these ingredients reportedly can cause contact allergic reactions. The first is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a known irritant that can be too harsh for people with sensitive skin. The second is tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, an ingredient that can contribute to hypersensitivity skin reactions.

For people who experience a skin reaction to AP 24 toothpaste, changing to a milder toothpaste should resolve the symptoms. Nuskin AP 24 is really no different from most whitening toothpastes and it shouldn’t cause any more concern than other brands on the market.

Note – It is always a good idea to consult your dentist if you are intending switching to a whitening toothpaste for daily use. Your dentist will tell you if it is suitable or recommend suitable alternative options.

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All dentists agree that it is important to brush teeth tor two minutes twice a day. This prevents the build up of plaque and reduces the chance of developing gum disease and tooth decay.

  1. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of toothpaste onto a good quality toothbrush.
  2. Work systematically around the mouth taking care to brush each tooth.
  3. Spend between 3 and 4 seconds cleaning each tooth.
  4. Clean all teeth surfaces, outside, inside and biting edges.
  5. After brushing all the teeth, spit out excess toothpaste.

Note – Using a dry toothbrush can help to boost the cleansing power of a toothtpaste.

Ingredients review

Nuskin’s patented anti-plaque formula coats the teeth with a smooth protective layer that helps prevent the buildup of plaque.
Hydrated Silica

Cleansing and polishing agent
Abrasive particles scrape away plaque and stains.

Water – Distilled water, deionized water, spring water.
Aluminum Hydroxide

Cleansing and polishing agent – mechanically cleans teeth by abrasively removing plaque and stains.

Humectant – A humectant is an ingredient used to retain moisture and keep the product chemically and physically stable.
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate
Anti-calculus agent – prevents the formation of calculus (hardened dental plaque).
PEG-12 ( Dimethicone )

Anti staining agent – Prevents stain formation.

Sodium Monofluorophosphate
Anti caries agent – Ingredients that aid in the prevention of dental cavities. In the United States, anticaries agents are regulated as Over-The-Counter (OTC) drug ingredients.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Surfactant –  Helps to lift and remove the sticky plaque biofilm and generate a thick cleaning foam.


Anti-staining agent – Prevents stain formation

Poloxamer 338

Surfactant – Helps to loosen plaque and stains.

Poloxamer 407

Surfactant – Helps to loosen plaque and stains.

Cellulose Gum
Depending on the concentration, Cellulose can be used as a binder, thickening agent or humectant.
Sodium Saccharin

Vanilla Mint

CI 77891 (Titanium dioxide )

Used as a cosmetic component to temporarily give the teeth a brighter appearance.

Best Alternatives To AP-24

AP-24 toothpaste is designed to clean and polish teeth but it won’t actually make them whiter. To change the color of your teeth you need to use products or methods that use peroxide chemicals. Below are some products that are capable of changing the shade of your teeth. Find out which products and whitening method really work.

Whitening Toothpaste

Supersmile toothpaste is a highly regarded toothpaste than uses a mixture of calcium peroxide and mineral to whiten teeth.

whitening trays

Although one-size-fits-all mouth trays are not as efficient as professional systems they can deliver good teeth whitening results.

Whitening Strips

Whitening strips that have peroxide compounds embedded inside them will give significantly better results than any whitening tube of toothpaste.



A whitening toothpaste like AP 24 will not whiten dentures.


Probably not. AP 24 can remove stains to make the teeth appear brighter but it is not capable of changing the shade of whiteness.


Yes, it does contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Find out more here.

How abrasive is AP-24 toothpaste?

RDA (Radioactive Dentin Abrasion) is the scale used to measure the abrasiveness of toothpastes. This scale starts at 0 and is open-ended. The RDA value of AP-24 Anti-Plaque Fluoride Toothpaste is between 70 and 80 and the RDA value of AP-24 Whitening Fluoride toothpaste is around 103. These levels are considered safe and are on the same level as many other brands.


Yes, Nuskin is a multi-level-marketing company. This means that anyone can become a distributer of this toothpaste and sell it to the general public.


AP 24 toothpaste will not change natural tooth color. It uses abrasive ingredients and cleansers to remove surface stains but it won’t make your teeth whiter than they were before.

Will AP-24 toothpaste whiten crowns?

A whitening toothpaste like AP 24 will not change the whiteness of crowns.

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