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Nuskin AP24 Whitening Toothpaste review

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Ap-24 whitening fluoride toothpaste is a premium toothpaste created and distributed by Nuskin Enterprises. The toothpaste has a vanilla mint flavor  and is available in 110g tubes from approved distributors and online retailers like Amazon

Ap24 toothpaste has become one of the most talked about and controversial toothpaste of all time. But does this toothpaste really live up to the hype? We investigate to find out more…




The Basics

What you need to know about AP24 Fluoride Whitening Toothpaste.



Does AP24 toothpaste contain magic ingredients?



Directions for the use of AP24 Whitening toothpaste.



We answer some of the most common AP24 Questions.

Is AP24 toothpaste safe?

There has been much controversy and confusion surrounding the effects of AP 24 whitening toothpaste. Some people have reported some levels of allergic reactions that they believe have been caused by this toothpaste. Is AP 24 really a safe toothpaste to use?

Will Ap24 work for me?

Nuskin AP24 Whitening toothpaste uses a mix of abrasives and detergents to remove surface stains from your teeth. The effectiveness of AP24 will depend on what kind of staining you have on your teeth and your expectations of the results a whitening toothpaste can realistically achieve.

What you need to know

AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste

Note – There are two different kinds of toothpaste in the AP24 Oral Care System.

  • AP24 Whitening Fluoride toothpaste.
  • AP24 Fluoride toothpaste.

The difference being that the AP24 Fluoride toothpaste does not contain the abrasive teeth whitening ingredients. Both kinds of toothpaste do contain the patented AP24 formula that is designed to prevent staining.

What Is AP24 Toothpaste For?

Removes Plaque biofilm from teeth.

AP 24 Whitening toothpaste uses abrasives and cleaning detergents to remove the film of plaque that builds up on the teeth surface.

Removes staining from teeth.

AP 24 Whitening toothpaste uses abrasive ingredients to scrape away external stains caused by certain foods and drinks like coffee, tea, sauces, and other highly colored foodstuffs.

Interrupt the build-up of plaque.

AP 24 toothpaste contains ingredients in its composition to allegedly protect the teeth and prevent decay and staining.

Reduce the staining caused by highly pigmented foods and drinks.

The patented AP24 formula is designed to protect the teeth from staining by tea, coffee, and highly pigmented foods.

Act as a mechanism to bring fluoride into contact with the teeth enamel to protect against cavities.

Toothpaste foam helps to bring active ingredients like fluoride into contact with the teeth for longer. Fluoride is known to be effective at preventing decay and strengthening teeth

Does AP24 toothpaste damage teeth?

We would always advise that people consult their dental team before switching to a whitening toothpaste like AP24. A dentist or hygienist will evaluate the toothpaste to see if it is suitable for your mouth, taking into consideration any signs of gum disease, gum recession, teeth erosion, and teeth abrasion and teeth staining.

Your teeth brushing habits can also be decisive. Relevant factors include – 

    • The type of toothbrush you use. (Electric or manual)
    • Do you use a hard, medium or soft bristle toothbrush?
    • If you use a manual toothbrush, what technique and pressure do you use?
    • How often you brush your teeth.
    • How long you brush your teeth for.

The ingredients in whitening toothpastes that have the potential to actually damage your teeth are called abrasives. Abrasives are a fundamental part of any whitening toothpaste formula and they are available in many different forms and strengths. Once upon a time, ancient Egyptians used rough ingredients like burnt horse hoofs, ground pebbles and ashes to scrub their teeth clean.

Today’s modern toothpastes use more refined ingredients but the cleaning principles are just the same. Abrasive ingredients like hydrated silica, hydrated alumina, calcium carbonate, calcium pyrophosphate, and baking soda help to scrape away plaque and stains when brushed across the teeth surfaces with a toothbrush. Research has shown that although toothpastes with abrasive ingredients do improve teeth cleaning efficiency care must be taken to ensure that they are also safe to use regularly.

Needless to say, the definition of a good whitening toothpaste is that it can remove plaque biofilm, food debris and stains without being so abrasive that it also damages the teeth surface. 

In order to regulate toothpaste safety, the American Dental Association helped to establish a standardized scale (Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA)) that starts at 0 and is open-ended. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has adopted this scale and has determined that any toothpaste with an RDA rating of less than 250 is considered safe for daily use. 

To establish if a toothpaste could possibly damage teeth, other factors like the stiffness of toothbrush bristles, the pressure applied to the toothbrush and frequency and duration of teeth cleaning sessions should also be taken into account.

AP24 Whitening toothpaste uses hydrated silica and aluminum hydroxide as abrasives and has an RDA value of 103 which is considered moderate by whitening toothpaste standards and so, in theory, should not cause any concern to consumers who have a good level of dental health.

It should be noted however that measuring teeth abrasion is a complex process and the above standard relates to the abrasion of dentin and not enamel. Dentin is the softer layer that sits directly underneath the teeth enamel. Researchers use the dentin layer because it is easier to work with than enamel layer which actually has its own scale called Relative Enamel Abrasivity (REA).

In conclusion, if you have a good level of oral health, you don’t suffer from sensitive teeth, receding gums, advanced teeth erosion or any known allergy to the relevant ingredients, AP 24 can be considered safe to use regularly.


Nuskin AP24 Whitening toothpaste contains many ingredients that are common to most whitening toothpaste. The one ingredient that is unique is Nuskin’s patented AP24 formula.



Nuskin’s patented anti-plaque formula coats the teeth with a smooth protective layer that helps prevent the buildup of plaque.

Hydrated silica + Aluminum Hydroxide

A combination of mild abrasives used to loosen plaque and remove teeth stains.

Sodium monofluorophosphate

Developed as an alternative form of fluoride. Effective at reducing harmful plaque acid and remineralizing tooth enamel. The optimum concentration of fluoride in toothpaste has been proven to be between 1000ppm and 1500ppm. Ap-24 toothpaste contains 1100ppm fluoride.


Hydrated Silica,
Aluminum Hydroxide,
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate,
Sodium Monofluorophosphate,
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,
Poloxamer 338,
Poloxamer 407,
Cellulose Gum,
Sodium Sulfate,
Sodium Saccharin,
Sodium Oxide,
CI 77891,

Is AP24 toothpaste safe?

Although AP24 Toothpaste is regarded as perfectly safe to use, some of its ingredients do have question marks against them and will not be embraced by everybody. Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not easy and many whitening toothpastes use some fairly aggressive ingredients in an attempt to achieve the best possible results. AP24 is really no different from most whitening toothpastes in this respect and it shouldn’t cause any more concern than other toothpastes on the market.

Having said that, consumers have every right to be concerned about toothpaste ingredients and a level of suspicion and skepticism is healthy.

We have highlighted some of the more contentious AP24 ingredients.

 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium lauryl Sulfate, or SLS for short has come under much media scrutiny in recent years. Much has been written about the alleged dangers of SLS when used in personal care products like soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. Despite all the sensational claims and click-bait headlines, major health organizations generally accept that SLS does not pose any significant health risk provided it is used correctly at the recommended concentration levels.

Although Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is regarded as a safe ingredient, it is also accepted that is is a known irritant that can cause discomfort to people with sensitive skin. The inside of your mouth is more delicate than your external skin and some people can have mild reactions to toothpastes like AP24. Although it has not actually been proven that SLS causes canker sores it is certainly true that it can aggravate them and slow down the healing process.

SLS is a very common ingredient in toothpaste because it does an excellent job of creating the rich, cleansing foam that most people associate with a great teeth cleaning experience. Manufacturers have found it difficult to find cost-effective ingredients that perform as well as SLS and as a result, it is still widely used in popular toothpastes.

Butylated Hydroxytoluene

Butylated Hydroxytoluene or BHT for short is another ingredient that will raise some red flags to cautious consumers. BHT is commonly used as a preservative and antioxidant in foods and cosmetics and has been categorized as “generally regarded as safe” by the FDA.

Despite being given a status of “generally regarded as safe”, BHT has been implicated in certain health issues  that will concern consumers. Unfortunately, research into the safety of BHT has thrown up contradictory conclusions that will still leave people confused as to its safety. At this point, the jury is still undecided on the ultimate safety of BHT when used in varying concentrations.

However, it is accepted that some people may have a contact allergy to BHT that can result in irritation, swelling and blistering.

Aluminum Hydroxide

This is another common ingredient that has been the subject of much criticism. Websites, blogs and newspapers continually publish sensational headlines claiming it causes cancer and Alzheimers. Viral claims that Aluminum Hydroxide contained in antipersperants cause breast cancer have been dispelled by authorities like the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute and there is no  evidence to suggest that Aluminum Hydroxide contained in everyday personal care products causes cancer. 

Although Aluminium is scientifically known to be neurotoxic it is still unclear on its relationship to Alzheimer’s. Research is suggesting that is seems increasingly likely that Aluminum may play a part in accelerating the progression of Alzheimers but state that “multiple other small and large scale studies have failed to find a convincing causal association between aluminium exposure in humans and Alzheimer’s disease.

The FDA rates Aluminium hydroxide as “Generally regarded as safe” because the levels that we are exposed to through food, drink, and cosmetics are negligible.

Although it is clear that in very high levels, Aluminum Hydroxide is a danger to health, it is equally clear that at the levels we are exposed to through products like AP24 toothpaste it is highly unlikely to have any effect what so ever.

Having said all that, it is hard to argue with risk-averse consumers who choose to avoid avoid products containing Aluminum Hydroxide. There are many excellent toothpastes available that don’t use it and picking out a suitable alternative seems like a reasonable choice.

AP24 toothpaste directions

Most dentists recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day. AP 24 is suitable for use as both a daily use toothpaste or occasional use toothpaste to remove teeth stains depending on your particular needs.

Note – You should never brush your teeth immediately after a meal. Any acidic food or drink can temporarily soften your teeth and make them susceptible to damage from abrasive toothpaste and toothbrushes. Always observe the one hour rule and wait until your saliva has returned your teeth to their natural hardness.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, gum disease or your oral health history has shown that you are at high risk for tooth decay you should consult your dentist as to the best toothpaste for you.

1. Squeeze a pea sized amount of toothpaste onto a a good quality toothbrush.
2. Work systematically around the mouth taking care to brush each tooth.
3. Spend between 3 and 4 seconds cleaning each tooth.
4. Clean all teeth surfaces, outside, inside and biting edges.
5. After all teeth have been brushed, spit out excess toothpaste.


Surveys show that 40% of the population is concerned about the color of their teeth and would like a whiter smile. But, with professional teeth whitening sessions being expensive, many people opt for a tooth whitening toothpaste as a cheaper alternative. While whitening kinds of toothpaste are far less costly than professional treatments, they still retail at a premium price, sometimes costing up to 10 times more than regular toothpaste. The AP-24 toothpaste from Nuskin is a premium designer style toothpaste that has become a popular choice for people wanting whiter teeth. It retails at about £11 in the UK and $10 in the US making it considerably more expensive than your average toothpaste.

Shauna’s Review

As far whitening goes, even after a month of use, I really haven’t noticed any significant difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I do think this toothpaste would be a great choice for removing stains and keeping your teeth looking their best, but If you are looking to transform your teeth into an ultra-bright Hollywood smile then this toothpaste probably won’t do the trick.

Anna’s Review

The big selling point of this toothpaste is that it is meant to be whitening. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a significant difference in the color of my teeth, although, I’m hoping if I carry on using it I will. This toothpaste is a bit pricier than usual kinds of toothpaste you would buy from the supermarket. And because I haven’t seen any difference in my teeth, I’m not sure I would spend the extra money, so I probably wouldn’t buy it myself.

Aimee’s Review

Most people would spend about £2.99 in most stores for a good whitening toothpaste, this one is more expensive but you are getting a higher quality product. I have gotten results quicker with this and it doesn’t burn my mouth which is the top thing about this toothpaste. Also, I would definitely recommend it to all my friends because I had a good experience with it, it just is a really good product. At the end of the day, for £9 I was expecting a lot from it and it did deliver.

Stephanie’s Review

AP24 is considerably more expensive than regular toothpaste. As far as whitening kinds of toothpaste go, this has been the most successful; it’s certainly the nicest flavor, it’s undoubtedly the most pleasant to use out of all the toothpaste I have tried. But I don’t know whether that means the price is justified. Because of that, I don’t think I would personally buy it myself.

What you need to know

Will AP-24 Toothpaste work for me?

Whitening teeth can be a very complicated business and what works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else. Teeth can be discolored for many different reasons, and it is important to realize that there are certain limitations as to what can be achieved with certain whitening products. The type of discoloration dictates whether a product like AP-24 Whitening Fluoride toothpaste will have any positive effects. Teeth stains are classified as either intrinsic or extrinsic discoloration. The difference between to two conditions is as follows –

Extrinsic – This is discoloration that occurs on the surface of the teeth. Examples of extrinsic stain causes –

    • The buildup of plaque and tartar. Poor oral hygiene can leave the teeth discolored.
    • Beverages like coffee, tea, red wine.
    • Foods like curry, pasta sauces and fried foods, Highly pigmented foods like beetroot, blueberries, and strawberries. Foods with colorings.
    • Antibiotics.
    • Smoking cigarettes or cigars will stain teeth.

Intrinsic – This is discoloration that is embedded in the tooth structure. Examples of intrinsic stain causes –

  • Aging; as we get older it is common for our teeth to become discolored. This can be caused by changes in the tooth structure like the thickness of the enamel and dentin layers.
  • Fluorosis; over exposure to fluoride while the teeth are forming can cause staining on the teeth.
  • Antibiotics like tetracycline can result in varying degrees of teeth discoloration.
  • Smoking cigarettes or cigars for an extended period of time will eventually result in intrinsic as well as extrinsic stains.
  • Illness; some diseases can cause teeth discoloration.

To evaluate whether a whitening toothpaste like AP24 is the right for you, it is worthwhile considering the following points –

  • Do you have teeth discoloration or stained teeth? If so what do you think has caused it?
  • Is your aim to visibly lighten your teeth by one or more shades?
  • Do you regularly consume food and beverages that are likely to stain your teeth?
  • If you are a smoker, are you looking for a toothpaste that can control the amount of nicotine staining?
  • Are you confident that your oral care routine is sufficiently effective to keep your teeth and gums healthy?
  • Are you prone to canker sores? Do you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by certain soap or detergents?
  • Is product price a major consideration?
  • Have you had any teeth restoration work done?

Let’s consider each point individually –

Do you have teeth discoloration or stained teeth? If so what do you think has caused it? (You may need to consult your dentist to help you fully answer this question).

If you were born with teeth that are more yellowish than white, then AP24 toothpaste will not change your current tooth color. In fact, there is no over-the-counter whitening toothpaste that will noticeably change the natural color of your teeth. The active ingredient in professional teeth whitening procedures is either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Since AP24 whitening toothpaste does not contain any form of peroxide it doesn’t have the ability to whiten the teeth beyond their natural color. Even kinds of toothpaste that do contain peroxide are still usually poor at bleaching teeth, applying a bleaching agent like peroxide to the teeth via a toothpaste is a very ineffective way to whiten teeth. If you would like to lighten the color of your teeth, there are plenty of effective options available –

  • Professional in-office whitening – This is the most powerful and fastest way to lighten the color of your teeth by multiple shades. This process is performed in the dentist’s chair with the highest concentrations of peroxide.
  • Professional at-home whitening – A cost-effective, convenient and safe way to whiten teeth with professional strength peroxide from the comfort of your own home. This process is done along with the guidance and consultation of a dentist.
  • Over-the-counter whitening strips – A gentle way to whiten teeth that does not require a dentist’s supervision. This whitening method uses adhesive barrier strips that contain a thin layer of peroxide that is held in contact with the teeth for anything between 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on brand.

If your aim to lighten your teeth by one or more shades, then AP-24 whitening toothpaste will not be a good choice for you. The ingredients contained in the toothpaste are not designed to whiten teeth by that measure. It must be remembered that this sort of toothpaste is only designed the help scrape away stains from the tooth surface in a similar (but less effective) way as a dental tooth polishing session. To whiten teeth by multiple shades you would need to use a method that uses a peroxide bleaching agent like professional office/home whitening or over-the-counter whitening strips.

If you regularly consume food and beverages that are likely to stain your teeth then AP24 would be a good option for you. By using mild abrasives to gently scrub away extrinsic stains, AP24 can potentially return your teeth to their original color. The other advantage of this toothpaste is that the patented AP24 formula is designed to make it more difficult for food particles to stick to the teeth making staining less likely.

If you are a smoker and are looking for a toothpaste that can control the amount of nicotine staining, then AP24 Whitening toothpaste could be a good choice for you. The combination of the abrasive cleaning action and the preventative properties of the AP24 formula means nicotine stains could be removed and then prevented from re-attaching to the enamel surface. There are limitations, however, smoking stains can eventually become intrinsically embedded inside the teeth where they can not be removed by an abrasive cleaning action. If that is the case, then another option such as professional whitening or whitening strips would be required.

If you are confident that your oral care routine is sufficiently effective to keep your teeth and gums healthy, then AP-24 might not be a good buy for you. If you brush twice daily, floss regularly, eat a healthy diet and consistently get the thumbs up from your dentist at your scheduled checkups then spending the extra money on a toothpaste like this may not be worth it.

Are you prone to canker sores? If you are, then AP-24 may not be a good choice. This toothpaste contains Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is a known irritant that can increase the chances of succumbing to canker sores. The skin inside the mouth is especially delicate and for some people, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is too harsh of a detergent to use on a regular basis. If that is the case, it might be better to look for an SLS free toothpaste.

Is product price a consideration for you? AP24 products are expensive compared to other kinds of toothpaste. The main selling point of this toothpaste is the patented AP24 formula that bonds dimethicone and surfactant ingredients together to protect the teeth against the build up of plaque and staining. If you are happy with the color and condition of your teeth and would like to keep them that way, then maybe AP24 toothpaste would be a good investment long-term. However, if you feel that the price tag is too steep, then there are certainly other toothpastes and whitening options that might be more suitable and cost-effective for you.

Have you had any teeth restoration work done? If you have veneers, crowns or partial dentures, these will not be affected by any form of teeth whitening. An abrasive toothpaste like AP24 will keep them nice and clean but they will not make them any whiter. Even professional whitening with the strongest concentrations of peroxide will not change the color of restorations. This is something you need to be mindful of if you are serious about whitening your teeth, if you make your teeth whiter, you will need to have any restorations replaced so they match the new color of your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will AP24 whitening toothpaste change the color of my teeth?

AP 24 toothpaste will not change the natural color of your teeth. It uses abrasive ingredients and cleansers to remove surface stains but it won’t make your teeth whiter than they were before.

Is Nuskin A MLM company?

Yes, Nuskin is a multi-level-marketing company. This means that anyone can become a distributer of this toothpaste and sell it to the general public.

How abrasive is AP24 toothpaste?

RDA (Radioactive Dentin Abrasion) is the scale used to measure the abrasiveness of toothpastes. This scale starts at 0 and is open-ended. The RDA value of AP-24 Anti-Plaque Fluoride Toothpaste is between 70 and 80 and the RDA value of AP-24 Whitening Fluoride toothpaste is around 103. These levels are considered safe and are on the same level as many other brands.

Will AP24 toothpaste whiten crowns?

A whitening toothpaste like AP24 will not change the whiteness of crowns.

I have seen amazing before and after photos online. Will I get the same results if I use AP24 toothpaste?

Probably not. AP24 can remove stains to make the teeth appear brighter but it is not capable of changing the shade of whiteness.

Does AP24 contain SLS?

Yes, it does contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Find out more here.

Will AP24 Toothpaste whiten dentures

A whitening toothpaste like AP24 will not whiten dentures.


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NUSKIN Product information PDF AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

The AP-24® Oral Care System is a revolutionary, scientifically advanced line of oral health care products that helps provide antiplaque protection.

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