What is a Waterpik?

What Is A Waterpik?

A Waterpik is a home electric dental flossing device that uses pulsing pressurized water streams to remove plaque and residue stuck between teeth. Waterpik power flossers are designed to be a convenient and effective alternative to using conventional string dental floss.

Although there are a number of different designs and styles of Waterpik, they all basically work the same way. A motor pumps water from a fluid reservoir and expels it from a specially designed cleaning tip.

A Waterpik device is different from other water flossers that merely utilize pressure, as the pulsatile action is important in the removal of particles and residue from teeth. It also requires an electrical source or rechargeable batteries to operate, since contained within it is a motorized pump that is the source of the pressurized water.
A Waterpik is often preferred over traditional string flood, owing to ease of use and safety. In fact, there is hardly anyone who would not benefit from the use of this device.

Advantages Of Using A Waterpik Over String Floss

  • ¬†Efficient Removal Of Residue On Teeth- it may be surprising to find out that less than 1% of people that use traditional floss, do so in a correct manner. What that means is that 99% or more of the persons who attempt to floss, do not get the full benefits of it. Waterpik is efficient at removing plaque as it is not difficult to maneuver between teeth, and within the mouth in general.
  • Waterpik Does Not Cause Bleeding Gums- incorrect string flossing technique, coupled with digging too far down between teeth results in unpleasant bleeding in quite a few people, owing to damage to the tender gum line. The water pressure exerted by a Waterpik does not damage the gum line and is highly unlikely to cause bleeding.
  • Hygienic- traditional floss may lead to redeposit of bacteria and residue on other teeth, as is likely if the same floss is reused for an entire session. A Waterpik does not recycle water, so with each burst clean water is circulated through the mouth.

How Should A Waterpik Be Used?

Though the use of a Waterpik soon becomes second nature, simple guidance is helpful the first time you try it. Follow these simple tips:

  • Fill the water reservoir with preferably warm water.
  • Choose appropriate flosser tip and place on the handle.
  • Lean over the sink, place flosser in the mouth.
  • Start at the back of the mouth (the molars) and work your way to the front. It is advised to use a low pressure setting the first few times you try the flosser.
  • Pause about 2 seconds per tooth- one reservoir full lasts about 90 seconds.
  • When water is finished, remove floss tip and air dry the reservoir.

Are There Different Waterpik Models?

Yes, there are, as well as different floss tip attachments which are suitable for different purposes (such as for persons with dental braces or periodontal disease). In addition, there are also cordless models which some people may opt for in place of the corded versions.

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Should You Get A Waterpik?

Without a doubt, you should invest in a Waterpik. Even if you do not choose to ditch string floss altogether, it can be a powerful addition to your oral health care arsenal. A Waterpik should also not be used to replace brushing, as its specialty is not removing plaque on the flat surface of teeth; but rather keeping the gum line healthy, and between the teeth clean!

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